Feature Program Saturday 2:00 PM

SFDFF, Renewal Through Dance, Director: Stacey Menchel Kussell, Choreographer: Noa Wertheim

Renewal Through Dance

Four films exploring the processes of renewal, reinvention, and regrowth. [read more]

Feature Program Saturday 4:30 PM

SFDFF, Symmetry, Director: Ruben van Leer, Choreographer: Lukas Timulak

Art and Science Collide

Particle physics and robotics intertwine with dance and opera in this program where practitioners of highly refined disciplines search for common ground. [read more]

Feature Program Saturday 7:30 PM

San Francisco Dance Film, SFDFF, My Mother Loved Dance, Brigitte Lefèvre

My Mother Loved Dance

Follow retiring Paris Opera Ballet Director Brigitte Lefèvre behind the scenes with intimate glimpses into one of the world’s finest and oldest companies. With short films Bridge, and Eclipse. [read more]

Feature Program Saturday 9:30 PM

San Francisco Dance Film, SFDFF, International Shorts 3

International Shorts 3

Storytelling: Five short narratives of love, loss, oppression and exuberance told through dance. [read more]

SFDFF 2015 Schedule | Buy Tickets

San Francisco Dance Film, Symmetry, Director: Ruben van Leer, Choreographer: Lukas Timulak
SFDFF is pleased to announce the program lineup for the 6th annual festival, featuring dance films from around the world, including a special kick-off event, opening and closing receptions, as well as discussions with local and international filmmakers, choreographers, and special guests. View Schedule | Buy Tickets