Shorts 3

Screendance Shorts III: Freaky Friday

In honor of Friday the 13th, this shorts program features the offbeat and unconventional, finally taking you deep underground with the Cullberg Ballet and the US premiere screening of 40m Under. Q & A with directors to follow.

Friday, September 13 | 9:00 pm

Delancey Screening Room, 600 The Embarcadero, San Francisco
Single Ticket: $15 (SFDFF Members/Students: $13)

Mirroring (c) Marc de MeijerSpiegelingen (Mirroring)

(NETHERLANDS, 2011) 12min
Director: Marinus Groothof
Choreography: Dunja Jocic

A man is drawn into an abandoned house. As he explores the house he notices that it is bigger from the inside than the outside.

105_Written in the Margins (c) RJ MunaWritten in the Margins

(USA, 2012) 4min
Director: RJ Muna
Choreography: Wendy Rein, Ryan T. Smith

“Seems we often find ourselves in places without remembering the steps we took to get there. Moving from episode to episode, we can meet, go crazy and find peace again, all without taking a single stride.” RJ Muna


(AUSTRIA/SLOVAKIA, 2010) 19min
Director: Peter Bebjak
Choreography: Yuri Korec, Helene Weinzierl

A dance film about the phenomenon of multiple personality disorder. The story of the woman who faces this illness is based in an authentic history.

076_Metube-Augustsings Carmen Habanera (c) Moshel Film 2013, J. MohrMeTube: August Sings Carmen Habanera

(AUSTRIA, 2013) 4min
Director: Daniel Moshel

A fusion of new media, classical opera singing interpreted in a modern manner and artistic, ingenious self-promotion laced with a dose of self-mockery.

068_Harlots Web - Holly Rothschild (c) Luke RothschildHarlot’s Web

(USA, 2012) 3min
Director: Robert Amjarv
Choreography: Holly Rothschild

A sinister and satirical ‘omage to film noir and the plight of post war women!

125_Carlys ExitCarly’s Exit

(UK, 2012) 7min
Director: Harry Amies
Choreography: Taira Foo

“Carly’s Exit” is an uplifting and passionate expression of the fight to save a loved one from self-destruction.

40_m_under_1_stor_040m Under

(SWEDEN, 2009) 19min
Director: Alexander Ekman, Martin Steinberg
Choreography: Alexander Ekman

The film was recorded in a former reactor hall; it focuses on a few people who carry out an installation underground.
US premiere screening

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