Dance Films from China

Dance Films from China, SFDFF 2019

In this cultural exchange program, SFDFF again presents a special collaboration with the Chinese Dancers Association of Beijing showcasing films from its Young Artist Platform, a program curating young Chinese creators.

Intelligently crafted short pieces by different directors create dreamscapes of varied settings and scenes, interweaving fine details with broad physicality.

shorts program

November 3, 2019 2:15 pm

Delancey Street Screening Room


Runtime: 47 minutes
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(China, 2018) 1:17
Director: Hua Ming
Choreographer: Hua Ming


(China, 2018) 1:46
Director: Hu Qingzhe
Choreographer: Xi Linfu


(China, 2018) 2:59
Director: Chen Yuting
Choreographer: Zhang Yixiang


(China, 2017) 1:43
Director: Wang Yaping


(China, 2019) 2:56
Director: Chen SuJun


(China, 2018) 1:56
Director: Zhou Liheng
Choreographer: Liu Bin

One and Another Half

(China, 2018) 3:38
Director: Chen Yujie
Choreographer: Xie Xin

Spirit of water

(China, 2017) 3:00
Directors: Nian Yunhua, Li Yijian, Wang Yang

Tell Something to Yourself

(China, 2018) 3:52
Director: Dynamic Wang
Choreographers: Dynamic Wang, Tang Shiyi

The Room

(China, 2018) 15:41
Directors: Chang Xiaoni, Guan Xi
Choreographer: Chang Xiaoni

The War and the Peace

(China, 2018) 1:47
Director: Chen Yuting
Choreographer: Chen Chuwen


(China, 2018) 2:22
Director: Guan Hangyu
Choreographer: Wang Yabin

SFDFF 2019 YAP films from China

Yingying Shen

(China, 2018) 4:03
Production Team: Jingrong Lee, Xidan Zhang, Muhan Zhang
Choreographer: Shen Yingying