Alice In Struttersland

The Queen invites Alice in a duet of Strutting.

Program: Closing Night

November 10, 2019 7:00 pm


Director(s): Agatha "Agatron" Rupniewski, Ivy Chen, Tawatha Steendam
Choreographer: Tawatha Steendam, Agatha "Agatron" Rupniewski, Lonnie "Pop Tart" Green
Country: United States
Runtime: 4:57
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The Queens roses have been painted red! After she finds the culprit, The Queen battle’s Alice in Struttersland. Impressed by Alice’s movement, The Queen invites Alice in a duet of Strutting (Strutting is a traditional Street Dance from San Francisco, CA).

Feat. Tawatha Steendam as Alice, Agatron as Queen
Filmed by Ivy Chen, Edited by Ivy, Agatha, & Tawatha
Intro music by Boogaloo Robottin Struttin Arts Alliance, Battle music by Switchvilla
Graphic Design by Agatron
Custom Alice Dress Designed by Ting Wu
Shoes, Clothing & Props by Agatron
Queen suit gifted from Pennywise

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