Beyond My Steps

Go behind the scenes with the Contemporary Dance Company of Angola and choreographer Mónica Anapaz to explore concepts of Angolan tradition, culture, memory, and identity.

Through diligent research of rare archival footage, five dancers interpret tribal dances and costumes, transforming them into contemporary forms and bridging time through movement. Most of the dancers – coming from other provinces of the country – bring memories and traditions with them when moving to the bustling, erratic and frantic reality of the capital city. In Portuguese with English subtitles.

Introduction by director Kamy Lara and co-director/producer Paula Agostinho

Viewing Details: This digital screening is available to stream between 12:00 pm Sunday, October 18 and 11:59 pm Sunday, October 28. Suggested Viewing Time: Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00 pm.

program info

Feature Ticket, Festival Pass

$9.00 / $50.00

Available October 18 - October 25

Director(s): Kamy Lara, Paula Agostinho
Choreographer: Contemporary Dance Company of Angola, Mónica Anapaz, Ana Clara Guerra Marquez

Angola (2019) 72 minutes

Documentary, Feature

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