Frontiers questions traditional gendered roles in classical ballet by refusing to adhere to dated stereotypes: women powerfully command the space, men intimately embrace each other.

Program: Brava Theater Kick-Off

November 7, 2019 7:30 pm

Director(s): Eve McConnachie
Choreographer: Myles Thatcher
Country: United Kingdom
Runtime: 4:00
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Frontiers contrasts the fluidity of the human form with the brutalist concrete motorways that cut through the heart of Glasgow.

Directed by screendance filmmaker Eve McConnachie (Maze, Haud Close Tae Me). Choreographed by San Francisco Ballet dancer Myles Thatcher – an exciting new talent working in the queer space. Set to a previously unreleased track ‘Make a Move’ by Edinburgh based artist Callum Easter.

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