Lil Buck: Real Swan

Lil Buck: Real Swan, SFDFF 2019

In the ghetto where Lil Buck grew up, violence and poverty are everywhere—but dance is keeping people alive and proud.

Program: Lil Buck: Real Swan

November 9, 2019 8:30 pm


Director(s): Louis Wallecan
Choreographer: Lil Buck
Country: France
Runtime: 85 minutes
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Bringing his experience in the ballet world with him, Lil Buck heads back to South Memphis to teach dance to the youth, offering them the chance of a better future. Returning home to the town where he first learned to dance, Lil Buck leads us through the streets as he recounts his personal story and the history of Jookin.

Through his eyes, we discover an amazing community—violence and poverty are everywhere but dance is keeping them alive and proud.

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