Tchaikovsky Pro et Contra

The ballet itself is the result of Boris Eifman's years-long contemplation of the great composer's personality and creative world.

Program: Tchaikovsky

November 6, 2019 2:00 pm

Live Performance Capture

Director(s): Boris Eifman
Choreographer: Boris Eifman
Country: Russia
Runtime: 85 minutes
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Tchaikovsky, PRO et CONTRA is Boris Eifman’s fifth screen ballet in recent years. The ballet itself is the result of Boris Eifman’s years-long contemplation of the great composer’s personality and creative world. The choreographer believes that production of screen versions helps to reach the wider audience and introduce it to the art of ballet, as well as develop a new visual form of expression of ballet’s philosophical and emotional substance. The main roles are performed by soloists of Eifman Ballet, winners of international ballet contests and laureates of Russian theatre and government awards.

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