Into the Neural Forest, SFDFF 2019

Into the Neural Forest

Dance Film SF’s 2019 Co-Laboratory film, Into the Neural Forest, is an intimate encounter putting you inside a choreographic model of a brain to witness

Come Out to Lavender Country

Singer/songwriter Patrick Haggerty is credited for writing America’s first gay country music album, Lavender Country. Released in 1973, this album was originally a bootleg, community

Mi Gran Partdio, SFDFF 2019

My Big Match (Mi Gran Partido)

A Catalan Film During the daily soccer match of the kids on the playground, everybody is waiting anxiously for the ball. But when it’s Gerard

Film Still from IRØN MODVM, SFDFF 2019


A Catalan Film Barcelona based filmmaker and photographer Derek Pedros has directed this dance video with Iron Skulls Co, a group of people who share

SFDFF 2019 YAP films from China

Dance Films from China

SFDFF presents a special collaboration with the Chinese Dancers Association of Beijing to showcase films from its Young Artist Platform, a program curating young Chinese

Thought of You, SFDFF 2019 Children's program

Thought of You

Mesmerizing animated short born out of animator Ryan Woodward‘s fascination with the motion of the human body in dance and his nostalgic soft spot for

What Camer Before, SFDFF 2019

What Came Before

What Came Before is a poignant encounter where the respective blood memory of African Americans and Native Americans is channeled into the souls of one

Am I a Man, SFDFF 2010

MAI: Am I a Man

The prison population in the US has quintupled since 1980. Despite accounting for 37% of the American population, Blacks and Hispanics account for 64% of

Color of Reality, SFDFF 2019

Color of Reality

Transfixed by racial, political, and socioeconomic tensions saturating the news, movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck, enveloped by the art of Alexa Meade, switch

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